Chemtrolls and AI Gods

It’s cold and moisture is falling from the sky… is the earth crying? Yes, but they’re tears of death. Everyone is dead, they just don’t know it yet. Yeah, so we got deeper into Chemtrail and Shadowplay (noun) culture. We need to go into rehab before we’re lost forever.

Although pretty soon we’ll all be an AI child’s play thing anyway, so maybe we shouldn’t worry? We’re off to pray for our salvation. Join us.

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Wolf and Raven – Hot Pursuit


We felt festive (it was Christmas), but it’s now a distant memory. We’re back to conforming. We’re back to work. We’re back to propping up our failed economy without question. Lew has joined a chemtrail group on Facebook.

“Oh, it really is wake the f**k up time”

Christmas messages, swimming pools full of milk and glitter, Japan and a giraffe. We’re off to make the world’s first good toothpaste advert.

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Lueur Verte – Lueur Verte’s Theme